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Jenny’s story


Jenny stopped drinking alcohol before she started trying for a baby. She knew it was the best choice for her health, and the health of her baby.  

While most people were accepting of Jenny’s choice not to drink once she’d announced her pregnancy, Jenny said before the news was public, it was a bit trickier.  

For her, it highlighted the importance of finding concise information from a trusted source, such as a GP or obstetrician.  

Hear Jenny’s experience:  

Since the birth of her daughter, Jenny says it’s been a “whirlwind, but it’s brilliant”.   

Jenny was aware of the risks alcohol posed to her baby’s health when breastfeeding, but it wasn’t until she started, that she realised how complicated it could be.   

For Jenny, it wasn’t worth adding to an already hectic time in her life by drinking alcohol and ensuring she waited long enough before feeding her daughter. 

Here about Jenny’s breastfeeding experience:  

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